Instructions in the Exam Hall


The candidates have to report at the examination hall 15 minutes before the commencement of the exam-there will be general instructions that will be announced.


The candidate must show, on demand, the Hall Ticket for admission in the examination hall. A candidate who does not possess the Hall Ticket issued by the Exam Cell not be permitted for the examination under any circumstances.


Roll numbers are indicated on seats and the candidates should find out and occupy their allotted seat only. Any change on his/her own other than allotted, may lead to cancellation on his/her candidature and no plea would be accepted for it.


Centre after the commencement of the examination and no candidate will be allowed to leave the Examination Hall before the one hour of the exam. No candidate can leave/his/her seat without special permission of the Superintendent or Invigilator.


Ensure that you use the washroom before arriving for your exam as you will not be permitted to leave during the first hour.


No baggage/eatables/smoking is permitted inside the Examination Centre. Carrying any textual material, printed or written bits of paper, pager, mobile phone, any electronic device etc,(except the Hall Ticket, identity proof and pen) inside the examination hall/room will lead to cancellation of candidature.


Candidates are advised to bring with them a cardboard or a clip board on which nothing should be written, so that they have no difficulty in filling responses in the Answer Sheet even if the tables provided in the examination room /hall do have smooth surface. They also bring with them their own Ball Point Pens (only Blue) of good quality.


Check the exam timetable carefully. Make sure you know the time and locations of your exams. Check whether you should go directly to an exam hall or a writing room.


You are allowed to bring medicines tissues and a water bottle into the exam.


Normally, you are required to answer question using only blue ink pen. Make sure you bring some spare pens with you.


Remember that talking is not allowed at any time in the exam hall.


Listen carefully to instruction. Students are required to comply with the instructions of invigilators at all times. For example, if you are asked to sit in designated place then you must do so and you must not move.


Everything you write (including any notes and rough work) must be in the answer booklet. Do not write large bold letters, numbers or equivalent marks on the question paper. Do not use sticky tape or any kind of eraser fluid to hide anything you write .You must draw a line with a pen through work or other notes not considered part of your answer.


If you have a question or need more papers, raise your hand and a teacher will come to you .Teachers will not give hints or answers, so please do not ask for them.


Keep your eyes on your own paper. Remember, copying is cheating!


Stop writing immediately when the teacher says it is the end of the exam.


Leave the exam hall quickly and quietly. Remember to take all your belongings with you. (Remember to collect all your belongings from holding rooms.) You must remain silent until after you have exited the building.


Remember! Cheating is not allowed and action will be taken.